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GAP Insurance: Is It Worth It?

It is an unfortunate truth in the auto industry that car values depreciate. Another unfortunate truth is that sometimes the worst will happen, including totaling your car in an accident. When these unfortunate truths combine, you can lose a car you still owe money on. Even full-coverage insurance may not pay out the total that you owe.
    This is where GAP Insurance comes in. GAP stands for “Guaranteed Auto Protection” and offers a boost of…
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Used Car Extended Warranties: When Are They Worth It?

Buying a used car can be risky. Not knowing the history of a vehicle (especially on older or high mileage vehicle) can be reason for unease. Although buying a used car can ease the financial burden of car costs, the costs of possible repairs or replacement of parts can add up quickly. One consolation that dealerships offer is an extended warranty. But are extended warranties worth the extra cost?

There are many resources that allow you to check if your used vehicle has been unreliable in the past or if it has been in an accident. But these factors are…
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Lease vs. Buy - Which Option is Better for You?

You've decided to get a new car but are still thinking about the process - Lease or Buy?

One of the most crucial stages in buying a car is the payment method. You have the option to cash it out, get an auto loan, or lease it.

Let us see how each method works.

  1. CASH-OUT BASIS: You pay the suggested retail price, freight, car registration and insurance on a cash basis. You do not have…
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