Winter Car Cleaning Tips


Beating the Chill: How to Keep Your Car Clean This Winter 


Winter is a season that you either love or hate. But when it comes to your beloved vehicle, you will certainly hate the snowy days and chilling nights. A lot of car owners find it taxing to keep their vehicles clean during winter, and we really cannot blame them, right? But don’t fret, as there are several ways of doing so, and it just takes a little bit of patience, perseverance, and dedication. Here’s a few tips you might want to consider this season: 


Start with the Parking 


One of the toughest enemies you have during winter is slushy salt, which can easily cover your vehicle and cause rust on metal. However, there is also a disadvantage if you transfer your vehicle inside a heated garage, as the frozen slush will melt and expedite the corrosion process. So what now? Though your car may be covered in snow in the outdoors, the corrosion will likely be slowed down with the snow staying frozen, as against parking inside the garage. 


Dry ‘Em Up 


It is important to wash your vehicle thoroughly, covering every corner as possible. However, it is equally crucial to dry it up without missing a spot, especially during winter. If you can use your wife’s hair dryer for drying metal parts, the better, as it will help in the application of wax afterwards. In addition, make sure to leave all of the doors open so water that may be trapped in the crevices will also dry up fast. 


Wash Every 10 Days 


Frequently washing your vehicle every 10 days during winter is another tip you should consider. It doesn’t matter if you’re washing at home or in a car wash, what’s important is to use fresh water as much as possible. You may also want to add some baking soda as it will help dissolve the salt that has dried up. Moreover, never take for granted the undercarriage of your car where salt buildup can easily happen, especially on those hard-to-reach areas. 


Rubber Mats Work Wonders 


If you are using fabric floor mats, better consider keeping them until after the season is over or perhaps, replacing them altogether with rubber mats. Not only will you save time and effort in cleaning your fabric mats and taking off all mud coming from your shoes, these things come really cheap, especially if you know where to get those good but super affordable ones. 


Revisit Your Driving Style 


Sometimes, we are the very reasons for our headaches. It is imperative for drivers to revisit their driving style during winter. Avoid driving through very deep snow which will likely result in salt slush accumulating in your undercarriage. Drive slowly and always prioritize safety. 


Prevention is Always Better Than Cure 


Lastly, you need to plan ahead and consider winterizing your vehicle in a comprehensive manner. Protect your car’s paint from salt by investing in a good paint sealant or paint coating. As for your wheels and tires, you can get one of those protective wax products that will help prevent brake dust adhesion and keep the tires from cracking caused by the freezing temperature. Make sure your tires are inflated accordingly. 

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