2017 Ram ProMaster City

2017 Ram ProMaster City 



The Ram ProMaster City is the Americanized version of the Fiat Doblò, an Italian panel van and leisure activity vehicle produced in 2000. Introduced in 2015 and built in the same Turkish plant as the Doblò, the Ram ProMaster City was meant to succeed the Dodge Caravan-based C/V Tradesman.  


Due to import taxes imposed on the vehicle, only passenger vehicles were brought to North America. Cargo vans, on the other hand, were post-import conversions. Passenger versions of the Ram ProMaster City utilize solid metal panels in its rear quarters. The lift tailgate and third row seating are not included.  


So, how is the 2017 Ram ProMaster City different from its predecessors? Not much has changed. 


Slight Differences 


Aside from revised lighting for the gear lever and some additional reflectors, the 2017 and 2016 are not much different. 


What’s the Same 


Overall, it’s still the same car: 


Length – 187.5 inches 


Height – 74 inches 


Width (without mirrors) – 72.1 inches 


The only powertrain available for the Ram ProMaster City is the 2.4-liter Tigershark engine mated to the 948TE 9-speed automatic transmission. With a towing capacity of 1,800 to 2,000lbs, the vehicle operates as 178 horsepower and has a 2.4L 4-cylinder like the 2016 model. 


Much like the 2016 model, the 2017 Ram ProMaster City, mileage is at 21mpg along city streets and 28mpg along the highway. 


The vehicle features a front-wheel drive system, with all wheels having an Anti-lock Braking System. The Ram ProMaster City has a strut suspension that has been altered to handle rough roads, and includes steel springs, a solid stabilizer bar and large-diameter shock absorbers. 


The stamped steel clamshell control arms of the 2017 model continues to be weight efficient and sturdy. 


Although no crash test ratings are currently available for the 2016 and 2017 models, the good news is there have been no known recalls for either of the two. 


What People Didn’t Like About This Car 


While the 2017 Ram ProMaster City has similar features to the Fiat Doblò, it also comes at a price. It is not the most economical compact van you can purchase. Also, because of the relative newness of the model, its reliability and eventual resale value are yet to be known. 


The vehicle also does not offer some safety features and amenities some consumers are looking for. The transmission can sometimes be clunky when shifting, and the narrow profile of the 2017 Ram ProMaster City makes it lean heavily when drivers need to round a corner or curb. 


What People Liked About This Car 


People deemed the vehicle to have an impressive cargo volume and versatility, and payload rating (higher than most of its rivals), especially for its size.  

The engine, which is also the same as the 2016 models, is respectably efficient and powerful. 


The 2017 Ram ProMaster City is seen as an excellent compact van for small business owners. The vehicle is a good addition to any fleet, and its passenger version is a great alternative to a small SUV or wagon. 


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